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From our first graduating class to the present, Posnack School has a proven track record of combining academic excellence and love for Jewish living. David Posnack Jewish Day School (Posnack School) was founded in 1974 as a single lower school. The middle school was added in 1991, and a second lower campus was added in 1998. In 1998, the David Posnack Jewish Day School High School held its first classes with a total of eighteen 9th grade students. Since then, the high school has grown to its current enrollment of 225 students in grades 9-12. Now, we are proud to introduce our newest initiative, Posnack Virtual High School for the 9th and 10th grades. Most virtual schools ask students to learn material on their own, and teachers are only available to answer questions and assess the students. Posnack Virtual High School is different. Our synchronous delivery model means students attend classes with live teachers, just like if they were physically with us. Using many educational technologies, students will video chat with their classes, allowing them to form relationships with their teachers and classmates that are missing from other online delivery models. Explore Posnack Virtual High School and download the school profile on the right.


Dr. Brandon Diamond is the Posnack Virtual School Principal. Learn more about him.

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Academic Program

The Posnack Virtual School is dedicated to developing well-rounded scholars adept in both general studies and Judaic studies.

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Judaic Studies

Reinforcing ahavat yisrael—commitment to the Jewish community and the State of Israel—is central to the Judaic studies curriculum at Posnack School.

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College Counseling

The road to college is an individual journey; each child has their own path.

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Our straightforward admissions process lets prospective students and their families concentrate on things that are more important than forms. The Posnack School accepts admission applications for 9th and 10th grades.

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Posnack Virtual School Profile

Posnack Virtual School Profile