Many Jewish day school students have to stop attending a Jewish school after 8th grade, because there are not many Jewish high schools. This leaves parents with the options of sending their child to a non-Jewish school or to homeschool them. Posnack Virtual School offers another option.

Are you a parent looking for a Jewish day school for your high schooler? We are a Jewish online high school with incredible college placement success.

Are you a parent looking for a homeschool curriculum? We  take the burden of teaching off of the parents. Our students learn from licensed teachers who are experts in their field, while still staying home. Many parents who have successfully homeschooled their children through middle school find it difficult to teach their child the high school curriculum. Even professional teachers are not experts in every subject at the high school level. Let us teach them for you, and we will make sure your children are ready for whatever college throws at them!

People often ask about the social aspect of attending Posnack Virtual School. Most virtual schools would expect students to work on their own in isolation, perhaps occasionally interacting with other students. Homeschool students face similar challenges. Because our classes meet in video conferences, students get to know each other and make friends. Students text friends in the same room on a regular basis. We now live in a world where you can easily be friends with people in other states.

If parents are considering virtual school or homeschool, Posnack Virtual School is the best option for developing teenagers’ social aspects.

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