What is Posnack Virtual School?

We are a Jewish online high school designed to provide a Jewish college-preparatory education to students unable to get such an education in a traditional setting. We are a fully accredited full-time high school diploma program, not an after-school program. We offer all of the courses, including honors and Advanced Placement, that you would expect from a college-preparatory program, along with Judaic studies and Hebrew courses. As a community Jewish day school, we accept students of all denominations.

Most virtual schools ask students to learn the material on their own, and teachers are only available to answer questions and assess the students. Posnack Virtual School is different. Our synchronous delivery model means students attend classes with live teachers, just like if they were here with us physically. Using many educational technologies, students will video chat with their classes, allowing them to form relationships with their teachers and classmates that are missing from other online delivery models. Assignments and assessments will all be delivered online using interactive technologies that are often seen in major universities. The David Posnack Jewish Day School faculty has made us the #4 private high school in Florida, and Posnack Virtual students will benefit from that same faculty and curriculum.

Whether you are looking for a Jewish high school or a homeschool curriculum, we provide students with the very best secular and Judaic education in a supportive and nurturing environment.

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