How to Choose a Jewish School for Your Child

So want to send your child to a Jewish day school or your kid wants to go, how do you decide what’s the right fit? One option is to go to a school that is a movement-affiliated school (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, etc.). These can be great choices if you have one near you, but movement-affiliated schools aren’t for every Jewish family. For example, your local school might have a religious outlook that you do not share. You might want a more diverse Jewish population that includes Jewish students of all backgrounds from non-affiliated to Orthodox and everything in between. That’s where community Jewish day schools like Posnack Virtual School come in. Community Jewish day schools are great because they accept Jewish students from all backgrounds, they teach Judaism in ways that acknowledge Jewish diversity, and they stress support for Israel for all Jews. That is becoming more and more important as Jewish students everywhere are facing a more hostile reception.

What about availability? Unfortunately, each year there are fewer and fewer Jewish high schools to choose from in the United States. The Conservative and Reform movements only have a few affiliated high schools. There are more Orthodox-affiliated schools, but that limits choice in other ways. The reality is that most kids in movement-affiliated schools end up going to non-Jewish highs schools after middle school. It’s not that parents don’t want to continue their kids’ Jewish educations, they just don’t have any viable options so they choose next best public or private school. A real-time, online Jewish school like Posnack Virtual School offers a “best of both worlds” option. Jewish students get to attend a Jewish community high school even though there isn’t one available close by.  Students get live interaction with other Jewish kids from all different backgrounds. They develop the love for Jewish tradition and life alongside their academic skills, setting them up to be the next generation of Jewish leaders for their communities and our nation.


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