Homeschool Diploma vs GED? Think Transcript!

Homeschool parents have to decide whether to give their child a homeschool diploma or have them take a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test at the end of their homeschool career. Both are going to be looked at much more carefully by college admissions committees than a traditional high school diploma.  That makes the transcript of courses taken even more important for homeschooled students. Classes taken will ultimately determine whether or not a student is ready for college. It is unfortunate, but homeschool graduates are sometimes seen as outliers by college admissions committees. Admissions committees want well-rounded students with good grades and test scores, community service and extracurriculars, but they must also make sure that candidates for admissions can handle the academic challenges of college. This is vital for homeschool students who do not always get the chance to take the honors and advanced placement courses that colleges want to see. Put it this way, if an admissions committee is choosing between two similar candidates and one has AP Physics but the other doesn’t, the student with the AP class stands a better chance of being admitted. Having a broader range of courses, especially advanced courses, gives students a big advantage at college application time.

An online program like Posnack Virtual School takes much of the guesswork out of these decisions. Posnack Virtual School students earn an accredited high school diploma, with a transcript that reflects a college-preparatory curriculum. The Posnack School name has a long history of graduating college-ready students, and universities know to expect a quality student when they see David Posnack Jewish Day School at the top of a transcript. We also have college counselors to guide students in the college application process starting in 9th grade, so students are as prepared as possible when they actually apply to colleges at the beginning of 12th grade. If you want to homeschool your Jewish high school student but want the advantages of a well-respected college preparatory Jewish school, Posnack Virtual School is your best option for getting accepted into a high-quality, competitive university.


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