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How Posnack Virtual School works

Posted by Posnack Virtual School on Thursday, March 29, 2018


At Posnack School we develop well-rounded scholars comfortable in the rigors of the classroom, the inspiration of the stage, and the hallowed spirituality of the house of prayer.

Academic Program

The Posnack Virtual School curriculum includes courses in both general studies and Judaic studies. Posnack School requires its students to take a rigorous course load of eight courses per semester. Posnack School offers 15 different AP courses for students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Moreover, even though AP Hebrew courses are unavailable from the College Board, many Posnack School students achieve sufficient proficiency in Hebrew to request language credits from their respective colleges. Posnack Virtual School students have access to a well-rounded list of course offerings that meet and exceed state and national standards in language arts, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language. In addition to the required courses, a number of electives are available to the students.

Explore Courses

  • World Lit I & Composition, Honors
  • World Lit II & Composition, Honors
  • American Lit & Composition, Honors
  • English Language & Composition AP
  • British Lit & Composition, Honors
  • English Lit & Composition AP
  • Yearbook
  • Journalism
  • Literary Magazine
  • SAT Prep
Social Studies
  • World History, Honors
  • Jewish History, Honors
  • American History, Honors, AP
  • Economics, Honors, AP
  • American Government, Honors, AP
  • Human Geography AP
  • Psychology AP
  • Geometry, Honors
  • Algebra II, Honors
  • Pre-Calculus, Honors
  • Statistics & Probability Honors, AP
  • Calculus Honors, AB, BC
  • Biology, Honors, AP
  • Chemistry, Honors, AP
  • Physics Honors, AP
  • Environmental Science, Honors, AP
  • Marine Biology Honors
  • Anatomy & Physiology Honors
  • Human Genetics
Foreign Language
  • Hebrew I, II
  • Hebrew III, IV, V, VI Honors
  • Spanish I, II
  • Spanish III, IV Honors
Judaic Studies
  • Tanach
  • Rabbinics I, II, III Honors
  • Advanced Judaic Seminar
  • Talmud

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must accumulate a minimum of 24 academic credits including 1.0 credit in health and physical education. In addition to the traditional college preparatory program, students who excel in their academic studies have opportunities to take honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

  • Judaic Studies 4.0 Cr.
  • English 4.0 Cr.
  • Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one other Mathematics course) 4.0 Cr.
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, and one other Lab Sciences required) 4.0 Cr.
  • Social Studies (World History, Jewish History, American History, U.S. Government/Economics) 4.0 Cr.
  • Foreign Language- Hebrew 3.0 Cr. (if a student passes a Hebrew competency test, a another language is required)
  • Personal Fitness-Physical Education 0.5 Cr.
  • Health 0.5 Cr.
  • Performing and or Fine Arts 1.0 Cr.
  • Electives 6.0 Cr.
  • Total Credits for Graduation 30 Cr.
  • Community Service 100 hours